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Tetra Pond AlgoFin 250ml

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TetraPond AlgoFin 250ml - will treat up to 5000 litres of garden pond water. For the effective control of blanket weed and green water in garden ponds. Safe on all wildlife and fish.
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Tetra Pond AlgoFin 250ml

Tetra Pond AlgoFin is the perfect problem-solver for ponds with a blanket weed problem. It combines the effective control of unsightly and harmful blanket weed, whilst being easy to dose. The innovative formula created by experts at Tetra is also an algaecide and is entirely safe to use for all wildlife and fish.

Blanket weed can choke the life out of your pond by using up oxygen and nutrients otherwise needed by your fish for good health and development. Poor conditions can thus effect the health of your pond fish, depleting important nutrients and creating an unsightly mess to look at.

When algae dies its sinks to the bottom of the pond, which can build up and release nutrients, causing a further algae problem. It also drops the oxygen levels in ponds, therefore after the course of treatment, it is advisable to treat your pond with Tetra Pond Sediment Minus to remove the sludge. Tetra Pond AlfoFin can also act as a deterrent for green water problems. The 250ml Tetra Pond AlgoFin solution will treat up to 5000 litres of blanket weed-infected pond water.

Treatment instructions are as follows,

- Calculate the volume of the pond using the following, length x width x depth x 1000 gives you the answer in litres (measured in meters) for gallons x by 4.45.

- Add 1 x 50ml for every 1,000 litres or 220 gallons in to a bucket of pond water and stir.
- Distribute evenly around the surface of the pond.

- It is advisable to re treat every 4- 6 weeks at half the normal dose to keep on top of the blanket weed.

- Following treatment, remove as much clumped algae from the pond as possible to prevent it rotting down and releasing more nutrients into the water and turn off the UV clarifier up to one week after treatment for the best results.

It is advisable, as with any algae removing remedy, to aerate the water during treatment. Always read the instructions carefully before use, especially in soft water areas.

Tetra Pond AlgoRem 250ml treats up to a 5,000 litre or 1,100 gallon pond.

At a Glance:

Size: 250ml

Will treat 5000 litres of pond water

Specifically formulated for garden pond water by experts at Tetra

Easy to do

For effective control of blanket weed

An effective algaecide

Deterrent to green water

Improves water clarity and removed unsightly, poor pond water conditions

Promotes health and growth of fish by depleting nutrient-zapping blanket weed

Safe to use on all wildlife and fish

Genuine Tetra product