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Reptile Equipment and Accesories

 Complete Aquatics supply an ever expanding range of reptile products form leading brands such as Exo Terra and Vivexotic bringing you quality products at low prices from a brand we all can trust. Exo Terra supply versatile glass terrariums perfectly designed for reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates with many excellent features such as independent lockable doors, full stainless steel mesh lid which is fully removable for easy maintenance and much much more. An example is the Exo Terra Crested Gecko Habitat Kit designed by leading European Herpetologist after an expedition to New Caledonia to study Crested Geckos in the natural habitat, the result was a fantastic habitat based on what they found giving you a perfect Crested Gecko Habitat. 

Another brand bringing you fantastic quality vivariums at low prices is Vivexotic with their Viva range available in many sizes and shapes for arboreal and terrestrial reptiles. Their front flow ventilation allows increased air flow compared to the old back ventilation and also allows background and decor to be used at the back without blocking the ventilation. 

We have a wide selection of reptile decoration to ensure you can create the perfect habitat for your reptile with eye catching, easy to clean safe products such as the Exo Terra Gecko Cave designed to allow you to use with moss to create a moist hide. We also have a wide selection of substrates to meet all your needs for all species of reptiles or if you fancy something different Exo Terra sell a Sand Matt in three sizes, this is perfect for many reptiles such as leopard geckos to remove the risk of impaction and ingestion of loose substrate which looks great, safe to use and easy to clean. 

Also available is a wide selection off heat bulbs and heat matts from trustworthy brands in many sizes and wattage to meet all your needs including Exo Terra Rainforest and Desert Heat Matts for glass terrariums.