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Reef Zlements CarboPlus 500ml

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Simple and easy to use, Effectively and naturally reduces NO3 and PO4, Provides Carbon compounds to bacteria and microscopic organisms
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Reef Zlements CarboPlus

CarboPlus is a effective way of reducing Nitrates and Phosphates within your aquarium through natural processes. To enable bacteria and other microscopic organisms to assimilate nitrogen and phosphorus, carbon is required to be available in adequate amounts. When dosing CarboPlus you are providing that essential carbon compound for the natural reduction to occur by consumption.

Over time the naturally occurring carbon compound within a closed aquarium become depleted. Adding the compound back in enhances the rate of microbial growth and preproduction and improves biological filtration by allowing microscopic plankton and bacteria to consume Nitrate Phosphate. These bacteria can then be exported via mechanical filtration and used as food by other organisms in our aquarium such as sponges, corals, clams, tunicates etc.

CarboPlus, unlike most other Carbon dosing systems, is a natural source of biologically safe carbon, replacing the likes of other flammable source such as ethanol or vodka. When starting to dose CarboPlus it is recommended to start with 1ml per 100L daily and slowly increase this as required up to 3ml per 100L a day. It is suggested to measure NO3 and PO4 frequently, with reliable test kits, as over time if they are present in the correct ratios (C: 106 N: 15 P:1) these compounds will reduce until they reach 0. Reaching 0 can cause serious issues with coral growth and adding NO3 or PO4 will be required and perhaps a reduction on CarboPlus.

Should either NO3 or PO4 reach 0 but the other sill be present it is likely that consumption is being halted of the present nutrient due to the lack of the other. To address this it is suggest to raise your phosphate or nitrate, which ever one is at 0, to rebalance the system and allow consumption to proceed.

At a glance

Simple and easy to use

Effectively and naturally reduces NO3 and PO4

Provides Carbon compounds to bacteria and microscopic organisms