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Red Sea Reef Care Program

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Red Sea Reef Care Program

Complete Aquatics are delighted to offer a full range of products from the Red Sea Reef Care Program, which has been produced following on from years of research looking into the physiological demands of SPS, LPS & Soft Corals in the reef aquarium. This has resulted in the user now being able to control a wide variety of issues that couldn't easily be controlled previously, including nuisance algae, coral growth and more.

Thanks to the products within the Red Sea Reef Care Program, we now know the optimum values for all water parameters in a variety of aquariums, ensuring that the user is able to get a better understanding on their own individual aquarium rather than simply following instructions based on other aquariums.

Red Sea’s Reef Care Program (“RCP”) has been divided into four distinct but complimentary sub-programs, which are as follows:

  • Reef Foundation Program - This balances the levels of various foundation elements, such as calcium, carbonates and magnesium, which provides the ideal water conditions for a long-lasting and vibrant coral reef.
  • Algae Management Program - Reduces nitrate and phosphate ensures that nuisance algae are kept to a minimum.
  • Reef Nutrition Program - Provides the aquarium with everything it requires from a carbohydrates, vitamin and amino acid point of point, fuelling metabolic processes of corals.
  • Reef Colouration Program - Provides essential minor and trace elements that help SPS corals to display their natural pigments, ensuring that your corals are vibrant and healthy.
The most popular products within the Red Sea Reef Care Program include the Red Sea Marine Care Test Kit - which contains the important tests required to support the Reef Mature Pro - the Red Sea Reef Foundation A Calcium - 1ml raises the Ca by 2ppm per 100l of aquarium water - as well as the Reef Foundation C Magnesium - which, again, sees 1ml raise Mg levels by 1ppm per 100l of aquarium water.

Contact Complete Aquatics today if you have any questions regarding the product range and we will be happy to help.