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Waterlife, Waterlife Protozin, Waterlife Octazin, Waterlife Myxazin, Waterlife Sterazin - Complete Aquatics

Waterlife produce a very advanced range of aquarium and pond treatments which cover a huge range of different parasitic, and disease problems. Treatments include Cuprazin for the treatment of Whitespot, Oodinium, Benedenia, Trichodina and fungal infections. Myxazin lowers the count of harmful bacteria in aquarium water treating fin rot, body rot, mouth ulcers, sores, and other bacterial infections. Octozin is a treatment for internal parasites such as those which cause sleeping sickness, hole-in-the-head, seawater angelfish and clownfish disease, Malawi disease and also early stages of dropsy. Protozin is used for the control of all Protozoan and fungal infections. Sterazin is used for the control of gill and body parasites and also internal parasites such round worm, thread worm, and tape worm. Parazin treats fish lice and anchor worm. Paragon helps controls pathogens and parasites. Haloex works fast to neutralise chlorine and chloramines, fluorine and other toxins. Stayclear A is a flocculent that has been formulated for the control of cloudy water. Bacterlife contains natural bacteria which are necessary for establishing and maintaining healthy biological systems. Tropiflora is a liquid plant fertilizer.