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Vitalis Fish Food from Worldfeeds

Why Choose New Era?

Vitalis have been developing a process to make the best food on the market to meet the needs of the ever expanding selection of marine, tropical freshwater and cold water fish available on the market. Their aim was to create a range of foods to aid in digestion, health, vigour, colour and water quality by firstly choosing the best natural human grade ingredients from all over the world. A group of scientist in house at Vitalis developed a unique low temperature, low pressure and low speed process to ensure none of the essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins have been lost from the quality ingredients.

What have Vitalis Achieved?

Vitalis fish food flakes are firstly larger than all other flakes on the market and can be fed whole, broken up for surface feeders or pushed under the water for mid water and bottom feeders. Each type of flake has been the work of years of research and has the perfect balance of ingredients to aid in digestion, health, vigour, colour and water quality. Vitalis pellets are slow sinking and there unique softness has been the result of a low temperature extrusion process which results in them been a lot easier and quicker to digest. The pellets are compressed easily as they enter the buccal cavity breaking up and being absorbed a lot quicker through the gut wall than most pellets. Because Vitalis is highly digestible thee foods create very little waste which results in improvements to water quality reducing the pressure on the filtration.

Vitalis Fish Food - What Selection is on Offer?

Vitalis have created a range of foods based one groups of fish to ensure there individual needs are met. These groups are Central/South American Cichlids, Africans Cichlids, Discus, Catfish, Plecs, Marines, Tropical Freshwater and Coldwater below is a brief overview of all there foods.

- Central/South American Cichlids. New Era have created and soft 1.5mm small slow sinking soft pellets containing a unique blend of ingredients to meet there dietary needs.

- African Cichlids. New Era have split it in to two foods Rift Green and Rift Red, Rift Green Is for African herbivores and Rift Red is for African Carnivores. It comes in the form of a 1.5mm small soft slow sinking pellet. They have also created and Rift Green Cichlid Grazer which is a unique round soft block which is inserted over the special suction cup fixture to allow natural grazing behaviour over a period of time.

- Discus. Vitalis understand the important deity requirements that discus need and have created a food with that in mind in the form of a 1.5mm slow sinking soft pellet.

- Catfish. Vitalis have come up with a balanced diet which is perfect for all grazing catfish such as corydoras its 1.5mm and fast sinking to ensure the food gets to where the catfish need it.

- Plec’s tend to be a large and enjoy grazing over a period of time therefore Vitalis Plec Pellets are 8mm in size and full of ingredients to ensure great health and digestion,

- Tropical Freshwater, Vitalis have taken the need of all community fish and come up with a balanced diet for an array of tropical freshwater fish these foods are available as Flakes, 1.5mm pellets and the Tropical Grazer.

- Coldwater. Vitalis understand that cold water fish not only need certain ingredients to make up the perfect diet but have made it available as a soft 1.5mm pellet to give them a natural feeding response for perfect digestion, also available as a flake food.

- Marines. Vitalis have come up with an array of foods to ensure all the needs of marine fish are taken care of, these food are Marine Pellets 1.5mm, Algae Pellets 1.5mm and Marine Premium Pellets 1.5mm all are also available in a flake food. Not forgetting the Marine Grazer for a natural grazing feeding response from off your marine fish.