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Kusuri, Kusuri Medication, Kusuri Products, Kusuri Treatments - Complete Aquatics

Kusuri produce water quality products which include some excellent products to aid pond fish keeping. Kusuri is a Japanese word, meaing literally “Medicine”. Kusuri are established manufacturers of the finest quality koi products available and are constantly thriving to provide the highest standards of products and services. Kusuri products inclide Biobalance which is a natural non-chemical KH buffer. Supplied as a fine powder that will dissolve to raise KH and also PH in the pond water. Their Malachite Green and Formalin are a ready to use full strength formulation, popular as a pond-wide anti parasite treatment. Particularly good for whitespot treatments although this should never be used with salt in solution! Acriflavine is also reported to help in the reduction of minor viral infections. It can be used safely in salted ponds.