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Interpet are the manufacturers a fantastic range of fish treatments and fish foods, as well as the River Reef Aquariums, Vivio aquariums, Red Sea and the huge Blagdon range of pond equipment and treatments.

Along with the Pond Monsta,the company have totally rebranded their pond treatments. Where as before, when all bottles where labelled Interpet, they are now labelled under the correct branding of Blagdon. This is to help create a comprehensive range that now addresses all areas of pond construction, maintenance and water quality. Blagdon have a range of pond filters which will suit very small feature ponds right up to huge koi ponds.

A full easy to select range of pond pumps such as the midipond pump range and quality range of filters such as the Midipond box filters. You may also notice the new Interpet Aquarium Treatment packaging which has been done to allow an easier product selection process for all fishkeepers, from the total beginner to the experienced hobbyist.

If you have a question about our Interpet aquariums, fish food, treatments, air pumps, heaters, or other products, then please contact us and we'll be happy to help.