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Blagdon Pond

Another very recognisable brand from Interpet is of course the Blagdon Pond range. This excellent range of pond equipment covers everything from the small garden pond right up to the larger koi pond. Blagdon produce a range of preformed ponds that would cater for almost any garden, making the construction of a pond very easy indeed. Simply dig the hole to suit the shape of your preformed then drop it in.

They also have a range of pond equipment to add onto new or existing ponds. Their range of Midipond Garden Pond Pumps makes selection very easy with Small Pond, Medium Pond, Medium/Large Pond and Large Pond easily readable on the packaging. These versatile pumps will operate a fountain and also run a filter system.

Blagdon produce a range of filter systems with built in UV clarifiers to ensure your garden pond is always clear and clean. Filters such as the Midipond filter will filter ponds up to 14 000 litres whereas the smaller Minipond range will filter ponds up to 6000 litres. Don't forget to always go larger than your estimate with filters as its too easy to underfilter a pond! Both the Midipond and Minipond filters have built in UV clarifiers that will keep your pond water crystal clear, all year round.

Blagdon also do a range of cleaning equipment such as pond nets and also Pond Vacs such as the Pond Monsta which is the ultimate pond cleaning machine. There are also a huge range of pond treatments and medications available to ensure your pond water and fish health are at their best at all times.