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Arcadia Lighting

Arcadia has been linked with pet care since the 1960's and their products are sold in over 55 countries, where the company have a huge range of very high quality and reliable products.

We use many of their products ourselves on a regular basis with great results. Their product range include Freshwater lamps (available in T8, T5 and compact lamps), Marine Lamps, Electronic Controllers, Magnetic Controllers, Arc Tank, Arc Pods, Over Tank Luminaires, 4 Series Pendants, Suspended Over tank Luminaires, LED spotlights, Reflectors, and UVC lighting as well as a huge range of lighting accessories. The Original Tropical lamps are designed around the red and blue wavelengths in daylight necessary for photosynthesis. This gives a warm pink light that encourages plant growth and highlights the iridescence of tropical fish.

At Complete Aquatics, you can buy Arcadia aquariums, lighting, light reflectors, dimming controllers, aquarium chillers, and much more. If you're unsure which item would be best for your requirements simply contact our team and we'll be happy to help.