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Aqua Medic

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Aqua Medic

Aqua Medic started just 18 years ago in a farm in German,y although in 1995 they inherited the company AB Aqualine, who had 25 years of experience and were well known for being innovative and aquatic problem solvers.

The company constantly strives to produce new, innovative products that will enable the fish keeper to come ever closer to reproducing natures amazing variety of aquatic biotopes.

Aqua Medic products are now distributed in 59 countries and include products such as the ocean runner pumps, scrapers, fish traps, nitrate reducers, huge filters, phosphate filters. They also produce an excellent range of chemicals such as antired, pointex and exodin. Their marine aquarium systems are of outstanding quality and are perfectly balanced with the best equipment currently available such as chromis aquarims, anthias aquariums, homarus aquariums, perula 90 and 120 aquariums, and the tridacna.

If you are interested in Aqua Medic pumps, scrapers, fish traps, or any other product, but aren't sure which one to choose then just contact our team and we'll be happy to help.