Weekly product spot light 'Kent Marine bio Aquarium'


The Kent Marine Bio Reef Aquarium is designed to make keeping a nano reef aquarium fun, exciting and enjoyable. The Kent Marine keeps a few factors in mind when designing this tank, circulation, filtration and lighting which we will be discussing further down. they also hit the nail on the head with looks the compact design and the tidy filtration makes the Kent marine far from an eye sore.

Technical information


The Kent Marine has a 4 chamber filtration system:

Chamber 1 - This chamber is primarily for the 200 watt heater designed to keep the heater 100% submerged at the preferred water level. 

Chamber 2 - This chamber is where the foam, bio balls are situated filter floss can be added at the top if needed. Also in this chamber is the weir gate this is designed to control the water level in chamber 3 for the skimmer to sit at the correct position.
Chamber 3 - This chamber is has the ceramic media at the bottom but is primarily for the Kent Marine Nano Skimmer which sits on the special designed bracket positioning it at the preferred water level.

Chamber 4 - In this chamber sits the 1000 litres/hour pump giving the tank a whopping 10 times an hour turn over working through two direction nozzles.

As an extra the Kent marine comes with a FREE OF CHARGE circulation pump giving the tank an extra 2100 litres per hour.


The Kent Marine comes equipped with 2x 36w power compact t5 bulbs one reef daylight white and one reef daylight White/blue. If that wasn't enough the Kent Marine also comes with 6x white LED's and 4x actinic LED's for a stunning night time viewing. With the power of the compact t5's and shimmering affect from the LED the Kent Marine Bio Reef is fully equipped form both soft and LPS and SPS hard corals.

Our review and experiences

We have had a Kent Marine Bio Reef set up for some time now and have found it an easy and rewarding tank to work with, the built in 3 stage filtration system works really well and i can honestly say we have found very few problems with the tanks and both corals and fish thrive. In our display the tank is set up with the following, 8kg of Tropical Marine Coral Sand, 10kg of Fiji live rock, Seachem PhosGuard and filled Pre mixed reverse osmosis water with Red Sea Coral Pro Salt. The live stock currently are the following, 6x Lemon damsels, 2x lantern bass, 1x engineer goby and 2x percula clown fish we also have a number of inverts ans corals such as, 2x orange marble snail, 3x metallic blue leg hermits 3x cerith snail, umbrella leather coral, bush coral, various metallic button polyps, furry mushrooms and blue mushrooms.

We have discussed pros's about the Kent Marine Tank now here are a few Con's we have come across
  • Can be a little hard to control the water level at the beginning therefor flooding the skimmer.
  • Not the easiest access to change the bubs.
But in our opinion the pros's by far out way the con's and because of our personal experiences with the Kent Marine Bio Reef we believe its a perfect tank to start you off in the serious step towards having your very own piece of reef in you house.

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