Our fish of the Month!

MARINE - Foxface

Also known as Rabbitfish can grow up to 53cm in the wild but most species kept in aquariums usually reach around between 25 and 30cm.  All have large dark eyes and small, rabbit like mouths which gives them their name.  Most species have bright colours or a complex pattern.

They eat mainly a variety of fresh vegetable based diet and algae.  Care must be taken during maintenance and cleaning as these fish are often easily spooked and will use their venomous spines in defence.  Their venom is not usually life-threatening to adult humans but causes severe pain.

COLDWATER - Bitterling
Bitterlings are peaceful, short lived species, generally surviving only around 5 years.  Their maximum size is 11cm but they usually grow much smaller.  Their diet is mainly omnivorous and they are a great addition to the coldwater aquarium and are also popular in the koi aquarium as they can feed of the parasites which infect koi.  When they mature they develop either a pink or blue hue at the base of their caudal fin.

An ideal aquarium is around 100 litres with lots of plants, either real or artificial with plenty of hiding spaces and need to be fed a variety of foods including vegetables as well as some meaty foods.  A good quality flake food as well as freeze dried, live or frozen foods is ideal.

FRESHWATER - Archer Fish

Archer Fish is also known as the Banded Archer Fish and comes from small rivers and streams across Asia.  These fish are unique in that they spit water at insects to make them drop to the water as a food source, with reports that they can even spit as far as 5ft away!  They have a triangular shaped body that is mainly silver in colour.  These fish are brackish type and we can give you plenty advise on these exciting fish in-store and usually always have them in stock.

You will need a good tight fitting aquarium lid as these fish are jumpers!  Provide plenty of plants but leave the water surface clear so they can swim at the top of the water.  Archer fish need mainly a meaty diet including also some vegetable based foods.