The Fluval FX6 Filter System NOW IN STOCK with special introductory offer of 25% off RRP only £224.99

High performace canister filter for aquariums up to 1500 litres

Professional and Extremely Powerful

We have used this fantastic filter both the Fluval FX5 and FX6 external filters ourselves many many times on large setups housing everything from trops, large cichlids and also Marine aquariums.

For aquariums of up to 1500 litres

Pump performance output 3500 litres per hour without load

Filter circulation 2130

5.28 litres of filtering volume

Max Head Height 3.3m


Note, the filter lid must never be more than 150cm below the water level and at least 20cm below the water leve.

Full Instructional guide included for easy set up, no guesswork and no confusion.
Innovative liftout stack of media baskets for optimum access and easy changing of the filter media. By means of the two T handles you can easily lift and take apart the filter baskets. The FX6 media baskets hold a huge capacity of 5.9L of media and enables the user to stack filter media.
Multistage filtration with 3 step mechanical filtration.

3 media compartments for flexibility and multiple filter media arrangements.
The Fluval FX6 comes with maintenance reminders with monthly indicator dials that allows you to remember the date of your last filter maintenance or water change
Smart pump technology. Designed for reliable filtration in a finely adjusted aquarium environment, the Smart Pump technology is equipped with a microchip which permanently monitors the filter and impeller. Speed and efficiency of the magnetic impeller are constantly monitored in order to guarantee a powerful water flow and highest energy efficiency. The Smart Pump technology of the FX6 manages the self start feature and evacuates any trapped air as well every 12 hours

Self priming plug and start
Aquastop Valves
Multifunctional Rim Connector
ClogProof Strainer
Two MultiDirectional Output Valves
Purge Valve
Auto water change function no need to carry buckets of water. Just attach appropriate hose to the output and the FX6 smart pump will do the rest.
Rim connector
Fluval FX6 External Filter System