What the blog is about ? Well each week we are going to pick a product review many things such as looks, functionality, our views and technical information.


We will start with a little information about the product this week, the Fluval Edge was designed and described as refreshingly new and revolutionary in its breathtaking 3D design, Appealing to many people in all walks of modern life as a perfect desk or table top tank. The Edge is available in three stunning colors, gloss white, gloss black and pewter. Pewter is only available in the Fluval Edge 23l. The Fluval Edge is equipped with a clean and tidy top, bottom and base and seamlessly clasps the tank for a never seen design. 
The Edge is available in two sizes 23l and 46l both equipped with stunning effective LED lighting, compact hang on three stage filtration all hidden within its unique design.


Technical Information
Lets take a look how the Fluval Edge works.
Filtration- The Fluval Edge comes equipped with a three stage filtration system bigger enough for three times the tank size consisting of mechanical, chemical and biological filtration resulting in crystal clear water. All hidden the the Edges well designed canopy.
Lighting- The Fluval Edge now comes equipped with effective LED lighting with a striking moon light setting. The Edge 23l comes equipped with 18 white and 3 blue LED's 21 high powered LED's in total. The 46l comes Equipped with 39 white and 3 blue LED's 42 as a total.

Functionality- All this comes down to the frequently asked question '' What can i put in it? '' the Fluval Edge is more than equipped to cope with 2-3 small species of fish and invertebrates. Central and South American fish such as rasbora species, guppies, endler guppies and many small tetra species with work perfectly along side invertebrates such as red crystal shrimp. Another road many have taken with the Fluval Edge is the road to marines, turning this already stunning tank in to a nano reef equipped with small soft corals, invertebrates and small reef fisies. Both freshwater and marine have been tried and tested by our selves
and the fluval edge seems to cope with ease.
Dimensions of Fluval Edge 23l                                         
43cm long x 35cm wide x 35.5cm high               

Dimesions for Fluval Edge 46l

43cm long x 35cm wide x 59cm high

Our Experience 

As eager fish keepers we couldn't wait to get a couple of these tanks set up here is what we did, what we used and our verdict.

We set up a Fluval Edge 23l when they first came out and is still set up to this day, we set it up as fresh water natural planted tank using things such as, silica sand, swamp root, bog wood planted with anubis and java fern. As a finished result it has been stocked with 3 male and 5 female cherry barbs, 4 pygmy corydoras and several yamato shrimps, with regular small 10% water changes and replenishing the freindly bacteria with Sability after each water change it has wooked really well and looks amazing. All down to the Edges fantastic flteration.

But more recently we set a gloss white Fluval Edge 46l as marine and we have found that the fluval edge works just as well with a little help of the fantasting product Purigen by Seachem, this just gives the all ready great filteration that boost it needs for marines. We filled the tank with pre mixed RO salt water using Red Sea Coral Pro Salt and stocked the tank with 5kg of fiji live rock and 1 bag of Carib Sea live Aragonite reef sand to begin with. we left the tank 1 week monitoring the salinity, PH and KH levels and once we were happy we introduced a few turbo snails and a few red leg hermits. We then left the tank two weeks feeding every three days monitoring for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate again once we were happy we introduced a couple of percula clown fish. We then begun small 10% weekly water changes and stocking the tank with a few soft corals, leathers, mushrooms and polyps and saw promising results the corals flurished and the fish were in full colour. It has now been set up 3 months and is stocked with 2 percula clowns, 3 green coral gobies, 3 red leg hermits, 3 turbo snails and 2 tube worms.

In conclusion we have found the Fluval Edge easy to work with, rewarding and stunning in its design, we would recomend this from some one new to fish keeping to the more experienced fish keeper. We give the Fluval Edge 10/10.

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