THE ANSWER TO MORE DIVERSE REEFSCAPING HAS FINALLY ARRIVED!! Red Sea have unlocked the freedom to customizing your own reef tank, without the constraints of limited aquarium space, with the impressive Red Sea Reefer XXL tanks. The super large variations of the series are available in 150cm (59″) long/625 liter (166 gal) capacity or 180cm (71″) long/750 liter (200 gal) – each coming with new and improved sump system and stronger, heavy duty cabinet options. 


Red Sea have been teasing about the idea of the Reefer XXL for quite a few months now. The 625 litre and 750 litre reef tanks are giants and are considered the largest partial AIO aquariums on the market to date! Constructed from 19mm ultra clear glass – this extra durable lens is super strong and mirrors the clean lines and sharp, sleek angles of the smaller sizes, whilst creating the illusion of an even larger, deeper tank.


Who knows how Red Sea always manage to hit the spot when it comes to their expertly developed reef aquariums. We suspect they just know exactly what the reefer hobbyist desires in terms of quality, features and style!! Red Sea have honed into EXACTLY what the hobbyist needs by launching an extension to one of the most popular world-leading reef system series known to man – and options for customization are limitless!!


The Red Sea Reefer XXL tanks are dynamic. Superb. Boundless even! Red Sea’s DNA runs throughout the design, of course, with a distinct beauty that is hard to ignore. Ready for you to install your own pump, skimmer, reactor and lighting – there is no doubt that the beauty of this reef aquarium range is found within the ability to tailor and customize the tanks to your very own specification. Lighting such as the beautiful Hydra 26™ HD LED Lighting Units, for example, can be added – as seen in the deluxe version of the smaller reefer models. Combining cutting edge lighting technology with a bespoke mounting system, the 26™ HD LED Lighting Units offers a full spectrum 7 colour LED configuration. A myriad of lighting effects and excellent colour rendition are melded into one cost effective, power saving , whilst light penetration and surface area coverage is second-to-none. Create your very own patterns and light effects via your iOS or Android device with built-in WiFi at any time of the day or night, from anywhere around the world!


Secondly, the sump system of the Red Sea Reefer XXL 627 litre and Red Sea Reefer  750 litre aquariums has received an upgrade and has been integrated with an adjustable height skimmer chamber, together with micron filter bags and even room for an optional refugium! A sump return outlet nozzle can be easily moved for maintenance and the sump itself has also been equipped with easily removable comb sections for easy cleaning. Not only have the Red Sea Reefer XXL series of reef aquariums been fitted with a unique section of high-quality equipment, but the tanks promise an exceptionally quiet performance. Whilst setting up your new aquarium, a regulated flow main down pipe which sits alongside a secondary bypass overflow, can be instantly appreciated. The route taken to the sump is unrestricted, enhancing a flawless, quiet operation which only adds to the desirability of the XXL sized Reefer systems from Red Sea.


Lastly, we couldn’t avoid mentioning that the Red Sea Reefer XXL tanks have been designed with durability and robustness in mind. Bringing strength and quality to the forefront, Red Sea execute these jumbo reef aquariums with heavy duty HPL coated plywood. The stunning finish does more than just please the eye, and is great for water resistance! The cabinets of the Red Sea Reefer XXL tanks are also fitted with fully adjustable feet for effortless leveling on all surfaces.


With a spacious layout, enhanced viewing quality and rimless ultra clear glass for a contemporary finish, along with smart bevelled edges that reduce colour and angle distortion – the Red Sea Reefer XXL systems are undeniably attractive both from a value-for-quality point of view and an aesthetical angle. A must-have for any serious reefscapers out there – you know who you are!!