The New Red Sea ReefLED 90 is Now In Stock!!

The first look at the NEW Red Sea ReefLED 90 has been somewhat overwhelming for the Complete Aquatics team, From the stock landing to orders leaving it’s been a bit of a whirlwind!


Now the dust has mostly settled we can get down and geeky to see what the Red Sea ReefLED can really do and what makes this light stand out among the competitors.


Red Sea ReefLED 90

Firstly, I really wanted to know what Reef-Safe truly ment as this isn’t something we have seen mentioned before when discussing or reading about LED Lighting.


This is where the years of research comes in to play and why Red Sea have not released an LED light until now, this research has explored what corals truly need when it comes to spectrum and how best to achieve accelerated growth and colouration.


As a result of these years of research the ReefLED’s central array is made up from 3 channels, REEF-SEPC Blue with a 23,000 Kelvin rating, White with an 8,000K rating and finally a dedicated 3-watt moonlight guaranteeing a Reef-Safe REEF-SPEC LED output.


Red Sea have incorporated notifications via the ReefBeat app which include updates regarding power outage, loss of internet and changes in a setting which may be outside the Reef-Safe guidelines.

Something else myself and the Complete Team wanted to explore is the promise of a simple two click process to set up the light, once your Red Sea ReefLED LED has been connected.


We all have experience with the sometimes clumsy and lengthy process to set up a new LED whilst being unclear on what the percentage each channel should be. Red Sea have made this incredibly simple with only two choices and two clicks in order to get started. Step one is to choose a pre-set from a list of 3 kelvin ratings (15,000K, 20,000K and 23,000k), step two you simple choose your sunrise time and the Red Sea ReefBeat App sets up a full sunrise, daytime and sunset light cycle according to Red Sea’s REEF-SPEC standards. Other more in-depth setting can be made at this point to further customise the ReefLED to however you want. These settings include Lunar Cycle, Staggered Sunrise, Acclimation and Cloud Cover.

Additional videos, including an in-depth app tour can be found on the individual product page on the website - Red Sea ReefLED 90 LED


All of us here at Complete Aquatics feel some other manufactures produce a fantastic LED. However, the mounting options can be disappointing. First impressions of the mounting options available for the Red Sea ReefLED are nothing less than fantastic. Firstly, we have had the chance to look at the Mounting Arms in detail and from what we can see they are extremely well made, sleek with compact design. One great feature is the option to rotate the Red Sea mounting arm into an upright, vertical position for ease of maintenance and reefscaping. The ReefLED mounting arms are available in 3 sizes ranging for tank widths of 46-70cm and suitable for glass thickness 8-19mm.


For more information on the ReefLED Mounting Arms click on the sizes below:






Other mounting options include Red Sea’s ReefLED Pendants which are available with black and white trim to suspend the ReefLED 90’s above the aquarium. Although we have not had the pleasure of getting our hands on these pendants just yet, we have every faith that they are fantastic quality. The ReefLED Pendants are available in 4 models suitable for all aquariums ranging from 75-180cm in lengths.


We wanted to conclude this blog with our honest opinion of the Red Sea ReefLED 90 and quite frankly there really aren’t any bad points to mention in our opinion. Firstly, from a price point it’s in line with all other leading brand LED’s currently on the market. The controllability, connectivity and performance are exactly what was promised and the first look at Red Sea’s ReefBeat app is a promising sight for all other future Red Sea Smart Device’s due to be released this year.


More information on all Red Sea ReefLED lights and accessories can be found here – Red Sea LED Lighting


Thanks for reading.

Chris Bell