Building your own reef or marine aquarium is all about striking that perfect balance between technique and intelligence but these aren’t the only traits considered important in becoming a dedicated enthusiast. Exercising caution and gaining new knowledge as well as practicing common sense are all important skills in achieving an environment filled with colour, texture, fascinating species and abstract shapes – but beautiful results come over time, that’s why the Red Sea REEFER System provides hobbyists with a solid foundation to begin building with.

The REEFER Series consists of a line of aquariums: a 170 litre, a 250 litre. a 350 litre, a 450 litre and two extra large sizes (425 litre and 525 litre) - all of which incorporate leading technology fused with a contemporary style to bring features like its comprehensive water management system and professional sump together into one complete package. It also provides advanced hobbyists with the chance to install an unlimited choice of lighting options, filtration components and circulation variances.

So let’s take a look at our tech spec for the Red Sea REEFER System, then we’ll break each feature down for you in a little more detail…

Tech Spec:


Nano: L45 W45 H45

170 Litres L60 W50 H50

250 Litres L90 W50 H53

350 Litres L120 W50 H53

450 Litres L150 W50 H55

XL 425 Litres L120 W57.5 H55

XL 525 Litres L150 W57.5 H55

Integrated water management system

Professional sump with automatic top-up

Unique silent down-flow system

Rimless ultra-clear glass 9front glass 8-15mm in thickness depending on model size)

Discreet piping hidden away inside the storage cabinet

Easily removable comb section within the protein skimmer for ease during cleaning

Sump return outlet nozzle with adjustable feature

Regulated flow main down pipe and secondary bypass overflow for quiet performance

Stylish laminate, weather proof epoxy painted doors in choice of two finishes

Push-open door facility and corrosion-resistant stainless steel hinges

Chiller compartment in models 250, 350, 450 and XL sizes

225 micron mechanical filter bags which slide to the side for removal purposes


The REEFER range which includes the cabinet, aquarium, a fully integrated water management system and a sump takes inspirational cues from the design of the all-in-one MAX systems. The REEFER spans 7 different sizes from the compact Nano size to the bold XL 525 litre version and apart from the size of the sump, all of the product’s unique feature-packed spec remains the same with each model.

The rimless ultra-clear glass design gives the aquarium a strong contemporary feel with clean angles and sharp eye-catching dimensions. The stylish cabinet follows the same contours of the glass offering a neat and easy-to-maneuver tank to fit inside corners and tight positions. With a front glass that ranges from 8-15mm in thickness (depending on the model size) viewing pleasure is enhanced courtesy of its smart beveled edges to reduce colour and angle distortion.

You need no longer worry about water levels rising and dropping either! Red Sea have designed this range of REEFER systems to maintain a stable water surface of approximately 4cm from the top edge of the glass. The brand have dedicated 25 years to getting the appearance and functionality of their finished masterpieces just right and thanks to this ultra-flush cabinet which stores away all pieces of aquarium equipment, the piping is also discreetly hidden within the central overflow box which has a large surface skimmer. The surface skimmer has easily removable comb sections to allow for effortless maintenance and cleaning solutions. The Red Sea REEFER system also incorporates additional features for efficiency such as a sump return outlet nozzle which is fully adjustable and can easily be removed for maintenance.

The Red Sea REEFER systems are also exceptionally quiet in performance, a feature which only adds to its profound elegance and innate professionalism. Upon setting up the system you will immediately appreciate the regulated flow main down pipe alongside a secondary bypass overflow. The route taken to the sump is unrestricted and therefore adds leverage to a flawless operation.

The design of the Red See REEFER system is instantly identifiable with its stylish laminate, weather proof epoxy painted doors in either black or white finish and convenient push openers to release the doors and soft closed stainless steel hinges. Now…. take note because the 250, 350 and 450 litre tanks along with the extra large sizes have been developed with an additional space consisting of a chiller compartment. The reservoir which sits neatly alongside the sump inside the cabinet holds enough water for around 3 days of evaporation and the down flow valve which can also be accessed here and completely disassembled if required during maintenance and cleaning, has fine adjustments for ease of regulating the flow. Before entering the filtration compartment, water passes through a 225 micron mechanical filter bag which is stored away in the cabinet space also. Ready for another spark of genius? To replace the filters bags they can be slid to the side to avoid having to remove the reservoir and if the filter bags become blocked, the water height in the reservoir is not affected! Red Sea’s fool-proof approach to reef-keeping well and truly pays off!

The Red Sea REEFER systems are peerless in performance and style leaving very little else to be desired apart from perhaps the urge to install some additional pieces of equipment and controllers to create a unique and beautifully customized system. Whilst the spacious layout of the compartments allow for great access whilst cleaning or aquascaping, the workmanship and finish to its every detail is an absolute delight. More information on the Red Sea REEFER models can be accessed via Red Sea’s spec page together with an in-depth look at the REEFER 350 here.