Reef aquariums are as much a science as they are an art, and so it becomes clear how important it is to choose only the highest quality reef system in order get the very most enjoyment out of your hobby. We’re going to run through the features of the stunning new Red Sea REEFER Peninsula and why you need it in your life.


 Red Sea Reefer Peninsula



The Red Sea REEFER Peninsula combines cutting edge technology with a striking three sided, see-through aesthetic, for fascinating views through an incredibly crisp lens. You like the sound of that? Read on... we promise it gets better....


Red Sea have composed the beautiful REEFER Peninsula tank like a piece of classical music. Each component is designed to work in synergy with one another, offering you as the hobbyist, a reef tank with incredible presence, enhanced by the brand’s unbeatable aquarium equipment, ready to be enjoyed instantly. Red Sea place emphasis on the Peninsula’s ability to match that of a custom installation, at a fraction of the cost!


Firstly, the Red Sea REEFER Peninsula comes in two sizes; a 500 litre version (L 125cm x W 60cm x H 60cm) and a 625 litre version (L160cm x W 64cm x H60cm) – both come mounted on an exquisite 1m high heavy duty cabinet in various coloured epoxy painted finishes. To round up – the REEFER Peninsula comes complete with cabinet, aquarium, overflow system and sump system, and adds a distinct ambiance to any home setting.  The aquarium and cabinet combo is the answer to those aquarists in search of a larger more advanced reefer system, without compromising on quality and reliability. All it needs is a splash of creativity. Choose your own lighting, circulation and filtration equipment, and the Red Sea REEFER Peninsula is ready to go!!


The stylish REEFER Peninsula has been cleverly constructed in an eye-catching room divider format, which not only provides a focal point for any home, but allows for flexible positioning options. The reef aquarium can be added to the corner of a room effortlessly, courtesy of Red Sea’s idea to locate the overflow system at one end of the aquarium as opposed to the centre. The beautifully finished doors of the cabinet can be assembled on either side of the Peninsula tank, to not only facilitate ease of access, but to suit the unique layout of your room. For those of you who find that your rockscaping options are often hindered by a lack of space or tight, tricky-to-reach spaces - you’ll be pleased to know that one of Red Sea’s unique selling points for the REEFER Peninsula, is its generous space! The expert design of the reef tank which evokes a strong contemporary elegance, creates the illusion of an even bigger aquarium, thanks to its clean angles and crisp three sided glass design, which continues its fluid lines into compatible cabinet dimensions for great storage. The cabinet of the REEFER Peninsula also comes with a ventilated compartment for control systems and chiller, as well as providing access for two circulation pumps at either side.


Red Sea have equipped the sleek REEFER Peninsula aquarium with all of the features found in the advanced REEFER systems, including a state-of-the-art sump and comprehensive water management system. The sump features an automatic top-up facility and the tank has also been built with a unique silent down-flow system. Discreet piping hidden away in the cabinet, will allow you to enjoy more of your REEFER Peninsula, whilst its quiet operation is second-to-none.


Advanced hobbyists who consider themselves dedicated Red Sea reefscapers, will take note of the REEFER Peninsula’s flawless layout which provides the opportunity to add in your own unlimited choice of lighting and filtration components. The peerlessly performing Red Sea REEFER Peninsula is coming soon, so keep a look out on our website and facebook page for more information on its launch!