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2016’s answer to quintessential reef keeping has arrived in the form of the Red Sea MAX-E Series, and its dynamic filtration and circulation system with rimless beveled edges and open top marine-spec cabinet is here to stay!

Whether a beginner or an experienced hobbyist, the MAX-E Series takes care of cost, compatibility and efficiency for those wanting to expand and refine their skills in reef-scaping. Its Plug & Play full REEF-SPEC performance strikes the perfect balance between modern elegance and cutting edge technology. Bursting with universal appeal, both the 2 foot and 3 foot long models are sleek and stylish yet remain faithful to the functionality needed for successful aquarium building.

Throughout our years spent specializing in some of the world’s most supreme aquarium products and equipment, very few have managed to combine so many unique qualities quite in the same way as Red Sea have done with their new line.

The Red Sea MAX E Series is effortless in its superior craftsmanship. Available in a 170 litre version (45 gal) or the 260 litre version (69 gal), apart from sizing, there is very little difference between the two models, each one boasting a feature-packed tech-spec!

So let us take a look at what the new MAX-E Series has to offer and if you haven't already worked out all the benefits that each feature brings, we willl also break that down for you!

Red Sea Max E Series Sump

Tech Spec:

• Available in 170 litre (45 gal) 2 foot long or 260 litre (69 gal) 3 foot long

• Modern aesthetics enhanced by a rimless glass structure.

• Incorporates a rear sump as standard equipped with reef Spec filtration circulation systems

• Includes integrated power centre

• LED lighting

• Front and two side panels are constructed from ultra-clear low-iron glass

• Professional surface skimmer enables water to rise to the sump

• Twin European Eco pumps (used in the E260) provide 4300 litres/1100 gallons per hour of water flow, circulating the entire water volume 16 times per hour through the integrated filter system.

• Multi-directional eyeball nozzles

• Contains the MSK900 REEF-SPEC protein skimmer

• Versatile accessories kit

• Phosphate-free media rack

• Full spectrum advanced LED lighting system

• Seven-channel integrated power centre.

Red Sea Max E Series Rear Sump

So let’s start with the MAX-E Series’ beautiful design. They say choose “substance over style” but lucky for us natural enthusiasts, these stunning aquariums bridge the gap between the two quite naturally! The rimless glass profile of the MAX-E is seamlessly integrated with a stylish cabinet to create a unified, sleek look with discreet storage space that keeps in line with a strong contemporary feel throughout. The white laminate cabinet built into the sophisticated design of the aquarium, is finished with weather-proof Epoxy painted doors and a simple push-release opener, reinforced with solid stainless steel hinges. The ventilated cabinet houses a seven-channel power centre with two spare sockets, offering a one-plug solution for the entire unit. If you’re already liking the sound of this, then sit back – we have more of the good stuff coming your way!

Next we look at the quality of the overall product. You will be pleased to hear that the MAX-E Series Incorporates the brand’s full REEF-SPEC configuration which was developed almost 25 years ago to underpin the recommended performance criteria for successful and sustainable growth of all corals in an artificial reef environment. The rear sump has been cleverly developed with a refined screen to hide the tank’s equipment. The feature is removable or can alternatively collapse to disguise any unsightly components of the MAX-E kit that you wish to remain hidden away. The integrated ultra-clear glass provides the owner with the ultimate viewing experience. A large area to admire the optical benefits of a crystal clear window, offering you a surrealist plunge into a breathtaking world under water. Courtesy of the 12mm thickness of its front panel (which avoids the need to use bracing bars), the smart beveled edges of the model follow the inspirational design cues found within the rest of the unit. The Red Sea Max E Series surface skimmer is built with removable comb section to facilitate easy cleaning, plus a pair of multi-directional eyeball nozzles return the flow to the aquarium whilst offering an easy-to-adjust feature to ensure there are no dead spots within the tank. The heart of the sump houses the highly-professional MSK900 REEF-SPEC protein skimmer – a component which features an adjustable outlet gate. Yes, you read correctly – maintaining the optimal skimming consistency has become a breeze! Oh - and did we mention that the filter accommodates a media rack for Red Sea’s new highly absorbent phosphate-free carbon? Complete with additional shelves, the compact and cleverly designed space is suitable for other chemical filter medium also. More information on the MSK900 REEF-SPEC Protein Skimmer can be found on Red Sea’s latest press release here.

Hydra 26 LED

Finally let us look at some additional bonuses. Red Sea have blended years of research and scientific knowledge to engineer a masterpiece in terms of their superb lighting systems and the Red Sea MAX E Series is no exception to the rule. Make no mistake that spectrum and intensity are key focal attributes that remain at the forefront of the brand’s working ethos when it comes to refining Photosynthetic Utilised Radiation (PUR) requirements. The Hydra 26 HD Unit has a unique built-in wifi system which allows the user to not only set daily on-off functions but also adjust maximum power outputs assigned to specific colour schemes. The smartphone-friendly controller is also compatible with tablets and wifi-enabled computers. . The rear-bolted LED unit can be rotated to give easy access at various positions around the aquarium. The 260 model uses two single 90 watt 26 HD LED units, flawlessly paired together via the wifi controller whilst the E170 uses just one single unit.

An accessories kit is yet another innovative feature that adds leverage to the Red Sea MAX E Series, thanks to those highly-skilled designers at Red Sea who have literally thought of everything when it comes to meeting the expectations of a dedicated aquarium hobbyist. Perfect for adding external equipment such as a chiller at the rear of the tank, the accessories kit adds versatility and flexibility to the model’s supremacy as next year’s high-tech aquarium. An additional pipe kit and in-cabinet sump upgrade are also available with the MAX-E Series which includes an integrated automatic top-up, a constant height skimmer chamber and a customised glass sump. Red Sea’s overflow system involves a silent-flow downpipe which connects to a multi-port bulkhead without the need for gluing, cutting or emptying of the entire aquarium, allowing you seamless integration of a modular filtration system, calcium reactor or any other additional equipment if required. You can discover more about the complete upgrade kit which enables the integrated rear sump to be converted into a stand-alone fully operation in-cabinet sump by watching Red Sea’s latest Youtube product review video here.

Red Sea Max E Black FrontRed Sea Max E White Front