Marking years of unpresented knowledge and refined skill, the Red Sea MAX-S Series utilizes a blend of professionalism and technique with its innovative plug & play complete full size coral reef aquarium systems. What's more they now come with Red Sea's new LED lighting system!

Not only does the series carry all of those necessary features considered of utmost importance when caring for the most delicate of coral in an artificial reef environment but it’s rather beautiful too! The new upgraded MAX S-Series includes the latest Hydra26 HD LED units with the entire new lighting chassis.

For many aquarium hobbyists, the excitement associated with owning your own reef is the setting up of the tank and stocking it – for others the interest develops as the owner watches the reef grow and evolve over time. That said, there are many factors and problem-solving issues to be considered with reef care, again - another experience to enjoy. When preparing your tank, compatibility, sustainability together with component selection and the suitability of these components are all significant aspects to bear in mind….. unless of course, you own the Red Sea MAX S-Series! “Why is that?” you say. Well for one the Red Sea MAX S-Series takes away the need to worry about lighting, feeding and cleaning equipment because it provides you with all of the necessary tools for successful coral keeping in one neat package. So let’s talk you through those special features in a little more detail.

The first thing that you will need to know if that the line comes in three different sizes - a 400 litre version (L105cm W70cm H169cm), a 500 litre version (L129cm W70cm H169cm) and a 650 litre version (L161cm W70cm H169cm). The lighting system for the fully-featured aquarium for SPS reef saves on electrcity running costs and reduces aquarium operating temperature with its superb Hydra26 HD LED's. The full spectrum advanced LED lighting system has a unique built-in wifi system which allows the user to not only set daily on-off functions but also adjust maximum power outputs assigned to specific colour schemes. The smartphone-friendly controller is also compatible with tablets and wifi-enabled computers. The 400 model accomodates 2 Hydra26 HD units, the 500 model - three and the 650 model utilises 4 Hydra26 HD units. The front and back of the lighting roof also flips up and slides back to give a large area of access for you to complete your reef-scaping work. 

The rear chamber of the aquarium is divided into two parts. The top which consists of a number of circulating pumps to provide all of the necessary water motion needed for the aquarium. The bottom of the chamber which is tastefully disguised behind the storage compartment comprises of a water top-up reservoir which can be fed through from the top left of the aquarium. Reading the water levels of your tank has also become a walk in the park thanks to a clear and highly legible sight glass built into the side of the aquarium. A full length surface skimmer also runs across the top length of the aquarium. Three outlet nozzles belonging to the return pumps are situated at the side of the aquarium tank with flexible directional adjustors to fit specific needs. The aquarium is also fitted with gridded return holes to ensure that the pump chamber always has an efficient supply of water. 

The Red Sea MAX S-Series holds enough water in the aquarium reservoir to keep it going for around 5 days and that’s not the only area where the specialist brand have ensured that sustainability remains at the forefront of its design ethos. The appearance of the S-Series aquarium has also been cleverly thought out. The free-floating side panels, doors and the trim on the lighting section can all be interchanged via plastic rails underneath the trims, which easily slide on and off to reinvent the profile of the tank at any time. This innovative feature prolongs the life and use of the aquarium, allowing the owner to give the tank a face lift to suit interior home décor or a whole new aesthetic whenever desired. The beautiful external furnishing of the surfaces are embellished with a weather-resistant paint to enhance an elegant and durable execution in wither Pearl White or Black.


Water which flows down the rear chamber into the sump is regulated by an inventive overflow system, enabling the flow to be regulated whilst also providing a quiet performance day and night. A double pipe system allows for a 35mm overflow scope to prevent water from coming over the sides at any time. The Red Sea MAX S-Series aquarium is also made from 12mm thick super clear glass preventing colour and angle distortion whilst viewing the internal environment of the reef.

The construction of the cabinet itself is tidy, compact and highly attractive. An anodized aluminum frame makes up the base of the system to support the aquarium’s weight. The base of the cabinet contains stainless steel adjustable legs to enable you to attain perfect balance on your flooring once set up. The full-sized glass sump comes complete with the main return pump and a float valve from the automatic top-up system sits beside this. The protein skimmer, activated carbon and an extra chamber (for additional accessories) is also supplied within the cabinet for a potential calcium reactor to fit inside if desired. The pre-prepared piping fits together with union connectors and is ready to go! Finally the chiller chamber lies underneath the power station to allow for installation of an additional chiller if desired. More information can be found on Red Sea’s product page for the S-Series, along with our full tech spec below!

So there you are – with all essentials for reef-keeping well and truly ticked in all the right boxes, the Red Sea MAX S-Series also allows you the flexibility and choice to add your own features and equipment whenever needed. Due to the brand’s commitment to research together with advancing their technological capabilities, significant advances have been made possible within the world of reef-keeping, and the MAX S-Series still stands as a perfect representation of the brand’s ultimate supremacy.

Tech Spec:

Sizes:400 litre version (L105cm W70cm H169cm), a 500 litre version (L129cm W70cm H169cm) and 650 litre version (L161cm W70cm H169cm).

Full spectrum advanced LED lighting system, the Hydra26 HD 

Innovative flip-up and slide-back moving lighting roof for large access area

Automatic switch-off lighting

Micro switch at the lighting hood

Large open-top area to work from

Water top-up reservoir and easy-to-read water gauge

Fully installed circulating pumps in top rear chamber

Full length surface skimmer

Double pipe system for 35mm overflow

Outlet nozzles with direction adjustors and gridded return holes for efficient supply of water to pump chambers

Weather-resistant finish on the free-floating doors, side panels and light trim which can be interchanged with a choice of colours from the Res Sea MAX S-Series range – plastic rail underneath the trims to slide on and off

Stainless steel adjustable legs for balance correction

Ready to plug-in, pre-prepared piping and fully equipped cabinet consisting of main return pump, float valve for the top-up reservoir, automatic top-up system, protein skimmer, activated carbon and spare chamber.