Nothing in our opinion grows corals as good as Kessil. Their high quality materials bring reliability and durability to aquarium hobbyists. If you like the look of the point source lighting and are a fan of Kessil, it’s guaranteed that you will love the AP700.

Kessil invests a vast understanding of lighting and its team of plant biologists, illumination engineers and product designers together have lead the established business to achieve ultimate success within their refined area of expertise in specialist aquarium lighting. The Kessil AP700 has been likened to that of two Kessil 360s put together into one fixture since its launch last year, however on comparing the optics of the AP700 versus the 360, you will note that the AP700 has an elongated optic to give more left and right spread over the tank, and mounted high enough a full 48 inches of lighting can easily be achieved with plenty of spill over too!







The professionally styled LED lighting system has been built with precision, reflecting a strong sense of passion so often seen in Kessil products. From the intricately designed brackets, to the external packaging of the product, the lighting unit is built to stand the test of time. Totally solid with a number of integrated features to optimize its unique versatility, the AP700 is as a leading lighting solution leveraging many of the brand’s award winning qualities gained over the years. The 185-watt panel platform consists of 60 LED chip arrays and has been integrated with a number of additional features such as a flawless touch control panel, built-in wifi and instant customization options.

Firstly, let’s start with the basics. The mounting kit is easy to assemble. By unscrewing the bolts at the top of the fixture, prepare the part that the hook will go through, before screwing it all back together. A detailed instruction pack provides all of the in-depth information you will need in setting up the product. The four bolts in the corners of the lighting unit are a good idea to fix down as well as those at the center back to add support and extra stability.

Visibly the LED array is totally unique to anything ever seen before. Kessil develop their LED’s themselves with a unique Dense Matrix Configuration. With incredible brightness, the lighting panel doesn’t even need to be mounted that close to the tank itself for a great light output. The 48 inch LED lighting unit provides lighting for a four foot long tank. We’ll let you guys figure out how much money that would save you in buying another two or three alternative lighting panels to match one Kessil AP700! The specially designed lens and reflector combination allows a wider delivery of light plus superior penetration. The use of this unique quality minimizes hot spots whilst simultaneously eliminating shading. A large fan on the top of the fixture helps to keep the AP700 cool by drawing air in and blowing it out of the sides of the fixture via two vents situated left and right of the unit. The fan, despite the large amount of air it circulates to keep the lighting cool, is super quiet.

The plush control panel at the front of the Kessil AP700 offers functions such as light intensity, colour and programed modes. Lunar cycles, acclimation, full colour control and weather effects can all be controlled from one location. For those who aren’t used to being able to access all of these functions from one spot – things are about to get a whole lot better! The control panel can be activated via an iPad combined with Kessil’s app thanks to its specially integrated wifi feature which allows the user to govern various different setting on the lighting unit. Apps that work with Android and other devices will also be possible, allowing the owner to sync group lighting to accommodate the specific needs of the aquarium according to the time of day. With a remarkably smooth touchscreen effect, the buttons require just a simple sweep of a finger to activate the correct setting – a beautiful feature which adds to the product’s elegance.

In addition to the many stunning weather options available such as a storm setting, a rainbow spectrum setting and various levels of cloud coverage, the Kessil AP700 also provides a beautiful shimmer effect, evoking a natural, relaxing environment to be shared by both the aquarium inhabitants and owner. Comparable to the shimmer of a Metal Halide fixture, the effect of the lighting unit creates a realistic ocean scene adding a true contemporary feel to the home.

Users can choose from a full spectrum of colour when selecting from a range of blues such as sky blue to a deep ocean blue – plus yellow, red, purple and green opt for a more unusual aesthetic to be admired in between normal settings. A uniform colour with a widespread coverage is achieved throughout all of the lighting unit’s colour and effect options. The independently adjustable colour combinations allow the hobbyist to maintain the best usable spectrum for coral growth and colouration whilst enjoying a preference. The brand’s patented Dense Matrix LED technology has been integrated into the design of the Kessil AP700 to provide improved light penetration. It concentrates multiple LED chips into one single array which avoids the risk of losing coverage, yet maintains a constant and powerful light source.

With innovative heat management, ideal levels of UV lighting improves coral colouration and growth whilst boasting a sleek and compact design which can be mounted or hung in various different ways depending on your home setting. Kessil’s mounting arms, canopy kit and hanging kit offer innovative ways for users to display the incredibly professional Kessil AP700 lighting unit regardless of their aquarium’s size or location.


Tech Spec:

48 inch advanced full colour spectrum LED lighting panel

4 foot of lighting exposure

Dense Matrix LED technology

Robust features for product longevity

Compact and sleek design

Instant customization options

Easy to assemble mounting kit

Advanced manual control

Flawless touch control panel

Integrated wifi feature

Superior penetration

Specially designed lens and reflector combination

UV lighting to improve coral growth and colouration

Eliminates hot spots and minimizes shading