Do you require additives for a home marine setup? Or maybe you are looking to achieve ideal conditions for a professional hatchery? Reeflowers are the producers of a range of specialized aquarium additives and waters conditioners, spanning over 60 individual products that are renowned across the globe.


With worldwide success, it comes as no surprise that Reeflowers dedicate the success of their refined products to years and years of extensive research and scientific development programmes that have been carefully structured to allow them to listen to what their customers need. Since 2009, this robust research has gone a long way to proving what benefits can be brought to a wide range of aquatic set-ups, stabilizing a more natural environment for many aquarium inhabitants. We have recently extended our Reeflowers range to incorporate a huge variety of specialized blends, from water clarifiers to Calcium blends as well as unique nutritional supplements for specific fish breeds.


So for those of you who want to learn more about the many ways in which this unique range of aquarium additives and solutions can benefit your aquarium needs, we’ll talk you through some of Reeflowers bestsellers to date.


To start with, Reeflowers have produced an innovative range of blends that contain important elements to add quality and essential components to your water. These consist of solutions such as the Magnesium Blends, the KH blends and the Ionic mineral salts. These all help to increase the rate of coral growth and boost vivid colours within an established coral reef tank. These expertly composed solutions also help to assist in the structural development of coral skelentons, Oyster shells and other similar aquatic inhabitants. The Reeflowers Ocean Elements range consists of a collection of high-density blends, again designed for supporting the skeletal structures of corals, but also to prevent the loss of tissue. The Pure Potassium blend has been carefully blended to target those pigments particularly found in the purple and blue colours or coral species, whereas the Potassium Iodide solution balances aerobic respiration of Zooxanthellae algae.


Reeflowers also designed a range comprising of Special Formulas. These consist of coral colour enhancers such as F-Colour and B-Colour, as well as the Coralline Algae accelerator, responsible for boosting coralline algae growth in marine reef environments. This formula contains special elements for coralline algae formation. Most reef-building corals have beneficial symbiotic relations with microscopic algae called zooxanthellae which produces oxygen and helps the coral to remove waste. The algae also provides the coral with organic products for photosynthesis.


Adding to Reeflowers’ innovative range of conditioners and additives, is the Freshwater Minerals range which consists of minerals to promote breeding of freshwater fish and shrimps as well as improving their colours. Most freshwater hobbyists will relate to the effects associated with insufficient minerals inside their aquarium water, in particualar a reduction in shell and scale development. Mineral gh+ is a professional blend of ingredients which sorts this problem out sharpish! Cichld Trace and Discus Trace also work hard to provide each individual species with the ideal conditions needed to overcome these problems.


Reeflowers water clarifiers are incredibly easy to administer, working not only to remove harmful toxins from the water, but also aiding as stress guards and algae preventatives. The Reeflowers RemOrganics solution eradicates organic and inorganic waste together with ammonia, as well as heavy metals and chlorine to provide better water quality. The Effective Conditioner solution helps to strengthen the mucosa of fish. Removing copper arsenic heavy metals, cyanide and chlorine, the special formula works to reduce stress and acclimatize new fish and can also be used for new set-ups or during cleaning regimes.


To finish with, Reeflowers also do a range of natural products that act as buffers to aquarium water hardness. Reeflowers Pearl Sand for example, creates a natural environment for aquatic species. Suitable for saltwater aquariums, Malawi aquariums, Tanganyika Lake aquariums and Victoria Lake aquariums as well as other aquariums that have high PH values, the pearl white sand creates an ideal PH value and helps to create the optimum environment for nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria, resulting in clean water results. The sand is quickly dissolved, helping to stabilize these PH values instantly.


Conformed to international standards, Reeflowers ensure that all of their products are easy to administer and meet the needs of aquarium hobbyists wanting to sustain natural habitats for their aquatic projects as well as enhancing the overall health and wellbeing of their aquatic species. For more information on their range of professional stabilizers, buffers, additives and water clarifiers, check out the following link where information on delivery can also be obtained.