So.... you’re looking for a new aquarium and you fancy something a little quirky, but you’re not sure what’s out on the market at the moment? If you haven’t already considered the fantastic range of Fluval Flex aquariums, then basically – you need to! The tanks come in a 34 litre version (L34cm X W33cm X H33cm) and a 57 litre version (L41cm X W39cm X H39cm), and feature a beautiful curved bow-front design, combined with the brand’s leading filtration and lighting technology - perfect if you want to get set-up and running right from the get-go, but you don’t want to have to do all the donkey work of having to find all our own bits and pieces! Now you don’t need to do the exhaustive shopping around for aquarium equipment with the perfect “affordability-to-quality ratio”! If you enjoy keeping up-to-date with the industry’s newest gadgets and you like playing about with new features– you need look no further than the Fluval Flex range of aquariums.


The first thing we want to talk about with the beautiful Fluval Flex aquariums is their interesting physique. It features a vertically oriented bow front to give the tank a smooth, sleek look – a feature that is sure to appeal to those who like a contemporary finish to their fish tank. The gentle curve front from top to bottom differs from that of the usual side to side curve, affecting our binocular vision to create a magnified illusion throughout the tank. The roof of the Aquarium mimics the same shape of the tank’s front glass to keep in line with a stylish modern aesthetic.


At a glance you will see that the roof of the Fluval Flex aquariums feature an easy feeding port, allowing you to drop food into the water through a spacious window. You will also see the receiver for the infrared transmitted controller, which allows you the opportunity to play around with a load of fun features and lighting effects. The back of the canopy has been integrated with a port for the easy feed-through of all electrical wires. A stylish honeycomb wrap not only adds interest and detailing to the top rim of the tank, but it discreetly hides the water line, reaching right around to the back of the tank where the integrated filter system is fitted. The seamless design means you don’t have to worry about people seeing a messy set-up from the rear side of the aquarium! A nice touch we think! The aquarium positions efforltessly onto a sleek black stand to mimics the elegant curves of the design. 


Looking at the back of the Fluval Flex aquarium, you will see that the unit has three distinct compartments. An entry compartment facilities a flawless, even flow of water via its inlet grill and bottom grill. It can also be used for additional filter media. The middle compartment of the aquarium is simply to fill with media. Both the Fluval Flex 34 and the Fluval Flex 57 litre versions come supplied with mechanical, chemical and biological media for the best water clarity results, allowing you to get set up and ready as soon as you install your aquarium. The third compartment is where the pump is located, but is also spacious enough to fit a submersible heater inside, allowing you to achieve good heat spread throughout your aquarium – plus it’s completely hidden from sight! The output nozzles of the Fluval Flex aquariums can be positioned to achieve the best oxygenation levels within your water.


But hey... we wouldn’t be building you up to the Fluval Flex’s  best feature just for the fun of it! The most exciting aspect of these aquariums by far, has got to be the innovative LED lighting system with handy infrared remote control function! 7500k white LEDS to support live aquatic plant growth, are fitted into the underside of the canopy for superb penetration across the entire surface area of the water. The natural lighting helps to mimic normal environmental conditions for your fish and plants BUT the lighting wouldn’t be half as exciting as it is, without the Fluval Flex remote control. The facility allows you to crate over 80 different coloured lighting varieties, depending on the intensity selected. Red green and blue are primary colours pre-set with white LED control to select intensity. Special effects of the Fluval Flex LED lighting unit include cloud cover/fading, moonlight, lightning bolts, storm effects and slow colour cycling effect!


Fluval Flex aquariums are perfect for those hobbyists who want the luxury of being able to instantly set up their new tank, with filtration and lighting already integrated, combined with the option to personalise the tank and play around with super cool lighting effects at the same time!

If you’d like any additional information on this super cool range just get into touch with a member of our team today on 01254 208245 or send us a sales enquiry on Alternatively, get buying today by visiting our Fluval Flex aquariums page.