Evolution Aqua present their eaReef sump-based marine aquariums in six variable sizes.

When it comes to designing ultra-sophisticated aquarium tanks without compromising on function or practicality – Evolution Aqua have well and truly excelled themselves and not for the first time! Renowned for their expert craftsmanship and incredible ability to keep producing the “cream of the crop” time and time again, their innovative designs just keep on impressing the bona fide reef keeper.

It goes without saying that the new eaReef tanks bridge the gap between the affordable and the steep, allowing both advanced aquarium hobbyists and beginners the chance to get a little more value for their money. The classic looking range are incredibly versatile, boasting high-tech attributes within reasonable sizes. The feature-packed design not only oozes universal appeal but its strong, bold profile is one which sits well with those in search of a tank with traditional appeal yet up-to-the minute quality.

The new textured cabinet colours made available for the eaReef series are a particular treat that many will find impossible to ignore. On offer are shades such as Tobacco Halifax Oak, Natural Halifax Oak and Royal Oak. As well as a Dark Brown Cape Elm, shades of grey offer an alternative choice in both Pure and Raw Concrete hues. The utra-gloss cabinet finishes however, present a full color spectrum spanning from deep coppers to velvety plums and sophisticated metallics, keeping in line with the brand’s simplistic shemes.

The line of marine aquariums are developed with in-tank filtration as well as a sump filter which is situated inside the cabinet. The new breed offers buyers the flexibility to purchase just the sump, just the cabinet or just the tank. Additional equipment and lighting can be interchanged to suit personal preferences and tastes. Having the choice to play about with accessories and separate pieces of equipment is an advantage likely to please those dedicated aquarium hobbyists who are more often than not, inclined to spend thousands of pounds on their next purchase before deciding it still fails to meet their desires of a unique and personalized investment. It seems to be a more common direction taken by many leading aquarium brands nowadays, to be putting the control back into the hands of the buyer in order to gain the trust of a reliable and highly valued customer.

The six new model sizes consist of variable lengths. 450mm, 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm and a 600mm cube to be precise. The 600mm cube, 1200mm and 1500mm models are all 600mm from front to back as opposed to 500mm from front to back in the 450mm, 600mm and 900mm models, allowing for a larger surface area to work with during cleaning, aquascaping and general maintenance work in the bigger sizes. The stylish and beautifully textured ultra-gloss cabinets are finished with soft close and push-open doors, each cabinet coming fully assembled for an effortless set-up once at home.

The eaReef marine aquariums also showcase Cerium polished low iron glass. Low iron glass is 99% crystal clear and offers the clearest aesthetic appearance. These greatly reduced levels of iron content increases its light transmission as well as improving its sharp, crisp appearance. Evolution Aqua have incorporated their new line of marine aquariums with this special glass not only to enhance its attractiveness for those looking to invest in supreme quality, but also to reduce the amount of green and blue seen through normal aquarium glass. The glass has also gone through a special Cerium polish treatment to offer a highly refined and perfected optical finish. Cerium Oxide is a rare earth mineral used for glass polishing with high suspension that removes blemishes, hairline scratches and limescale in used old glass. The low iron glass has been used on all four sides of the aquarium to give a beautiful clear backdrop and one which remarkably enhances the many other beautiful features of the tank and fitted components. A fine black silicone neatly outlines the frame of the glass to highlight an extra shine and clarity around the edge of the tank.

The Evolution Aqua eaReef models come with a large sump tank as a standard fitting. The tank is capable of housing a high-performance protein skimmer, pumps and other additional equipment whilst also accommodating a large-sized built-in reservoir top up water component.

By creating a versatile marine tank with a huge choice in stylish finishes and a selection of premium-grade materials, the eaReef tanks, whether they be enjoyed solo or combined with tank and sump, deliver on value, durability and reliability without a doubt.