When manufacturing LED lighting for use in aquariums it is important that the product undergoing development is put through extensive testing. Solid research behind the design is paramount to ensuring that only the best quality materials are used for those consumers who need it the most and this is precisely what Aqua Illumination has done with their most up-to-the-minute technology. First and foremost the design must incorporate technology which keeps the LEDs cool whilst running. Secondly the products must run with intelligence, ensuring that maximum efficiency and longevity is achieved. The new Hydra 26 and 52 HDs tick both of these boxes in one fell swoop. With manufacturers that have dedicated years of their background knowledge to ensuring that the most important factors are considered when making successful LED lighting, the Hydra 26 and Hydra 52 HDs allow aquarium hobbyists to really get the most of their lighting.

Continuing the legacy of Hydra’s full spectrum performance the two HD versions have been engineered to perfection. Robust, attractive and reliable, aquarium livestock can be given all of the lighting they need and crave for healthy developmental growth as well as enhanced colouration. But what is the difference between the HD and the standard you may ask? Well… the Hydra 52 for example with 52 diodes as well as being capable of lighting up deeper tanks of around 3ft x 3ft, can offer you greater colour changing abilities without reducing the PAR output. With the Hydra HD lighting, you can turn down half of the LED, yet still achieve the same colour AND still have a greater output than what the standard Hydra can offer.

So let’s look at some of the features of the Hydra 26 HD and Hydra 52 HD. Representing the newest innovation from their specialist finders, both the 26” and 52” versions combine colour and power to give remarkably improved performance and all this is enhanced by the freedom of being able to use your computer or your smartphone to control your most favourite features. The Hydra 52 puts out a Peak PAR of 304 µMol at a depth of 24" whilst the 26 HD also brings a new level of performance by producing a limitless number of colour spectrum combinations to suit the individual needs and demands of your aquarium, making the lighting solutions a superb option for deep aquaria.

Now the fact that the Hydra 26 HD and the Hydra 52 HD require no remote control to be able to access all of your light settings may be something of a new thing for most. But doing away with the need for an additional piece of equipment to tend to your tank is now becoming a much more favoured view, especially when it means that the built-in control can be managed from anywhere in the world and at any time! With more than 90% optical efficiency, the HD lighting comes equipped with 80 degree lenses to provide the aquarium hobbyist with as much spread as possible whilst still balancing power perfectly. Aqua Illumination have also equipped the lens optics with a diffuse exit surface for improved colour blending.

As one of the most efficient pro level lighting solutions on the market, the Aqua Illumination’s HD LED lighting provides low energy consumption with the lowest heat output possible. By dramatically adjusting the power made available to each colour by borrowing power from where it is not being used, the Hydra 26 HD and Hydra 52 HD deliver the most beautifully vivid spectrum to an aquarium tank in the most economical way. This new concept goes by the name of HyperDrive and means that you can switch up certain colours to meet specific needs, whilst lowering other ones.

Above all, the new Hydra HD lights, although looking almost identical to their predecessors, certainly have a host of new and radical features. With one of the most exciting advances seen on the shelves for quite some time, the innovative product looks highly sophisticated in the home and has the added benefit of so many beautiful colour options to choose from as well timer settings, weather functions and lunar settings.

Tech Spec:

Hydra 26 HD and Hydra 52 HD full spectrum lighting solution for all types of aquariums

Available in black or white finish

Cutting edge technology

Built-in wifi

Connects directly to your home

Can be controlled from anywhere in the world

High grade materials to offer reliability

Power efficiency

Innovative HyperDrive feature

Encourages healthy development of aquarium inhabitant

Enhances colour vibrancy of aquarium species

Computer and Smartphone-friendly

Limitless number of colour spectrum combinations

Requires no remote control access

Low energy consumption

Lowest heat output

90% optical efficiency

80 degree lenses

Perfect for deep aquaria

Balances power perfectly

Sleek and sophisticated aesthetic

Delivers vivid spectrum economically