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Aquarium Water Testing

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Aquarium Water Testing

Aquarium Water Testing is an essential part of keeping any aquarium from the smallest kit aquarium to the largest reef tank, testing and understanding the aquarium water quality is essential to keep the water in the correct and good conditions needed. It is imperative to test regularly for all major tests such as pH, Salinity (if marine aquarium), Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate. Other tests such as GH and KH hardness should also be tested for periodically depending upon which fish are being stocked. We stock a wide range of accurate aquarium water testing kits such as Nutrafin Ammonia, Nutrafin Nitrite, Nutrafin Nitrate, Nutrafin pH, Nutrafin GH and KH hardness, Nutrafin Iron, Nutrafin Phosphate, Nutrafin Mini Master Test Kit and a full Nutrafin Master Test Kit which will test for everything including Calcium, Iron, and phosphate. Tetra also have a very reliable range of test kits for your fish tanks such as Tetratest pH marine, Tetratest pH freshwater, Tetra test Nitrite, Tetratest Nitrate, Tetra test Ammonia. Tetra also produce a very easy to use simple 6 in 1 dip test kit which test for all the essentials in one dip of a tetra test strip! Ammonia is highly toxic to all fish and if left in the water this is toxic to your fish and can make your fish ill and even kill them. Therefore it is necessary to turn the ammonia into a less harmful substance called Nitrate. This is the job of your filter, which breaks down the ammonia into Nitrite and then into Nitrate. Then you basically keep on top of your nitrate levels by carrying out your water changes and using treatments. Your ammonia and nitrite should always be 0 and nitrate as low as possible.

Ammonia – Nitrite – Nitrate Ph (see also carbonate hardness)
1 - 7 - 14 Acidic - Neutral - Alkaline
All fish live in different waters of different ph levels. Ph ranges from 1 to 14. With 1 – 7 being acidic, 7 – 14 being alkaline and 7 is neutral. Most fish live in water from 6.5 to 7.8 ph. Most tropical community fish live in water ph of around 7. Complete Aquatics Recommend: Hagen ph Adjuster up. – To Increase ph Hagen ph Adjuster Down – To Decrease ph
Hardness – General Hardness
Fish also live in different levels of water hardness. Most tropical community fish and goldfish live in slightly soft to slightly hard hardness levels. This is usually measured in dH. Most hardy community fish will adapt to your local tap water but these are the optimum levels. Hardness can easily be increased by using hardness buffers purchased from your local aquatic shop or through Aqualease.