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Juwel Aquariums

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Juwel Aquariums

An aquarium is more than just a home for fish and other aquatic creatures — it can be an attention-grabbing, impressive focal point in your home or office as well. Juwel aquariums, fish tanks and cabinets combine all the features you need in a functional fish tank with an elegant design that will complement any decor. At Complete Aquatics, we offer the Juwel Vision, Lido, Trigon, Rekord and Rio aquariums to suit your personal tastes.

When buying an aquarium, the first thing to consider is the size you need. You obviously need a fish tank that will fit in the space you have, but it also needs to be big enough to comfortably house its occupants and their environment, such as plants and rocks. A smaller space necessitates a smaller tank and possibly fewer fish, but if you have the room for it, a larger tank will be far more eye-catching and give you more options for its inhabitants. We sell several sizes of Juwel Aquariums to meet any tank size needs.

These Juwel aquariums all have attached cabinets for easy, convenient storage of fish food and other accessories. The cabinets are available in a variety of finishes as well, so you can choose which will work best in your home or office. Each cabinet is mounted on wheels, which help make the process of moving a heavy fish tank go much more smoothly.

Once you have decided on a size for your tank and the right finish for the cabinet, you can choose which Juwel model you like best. The Juwel Lido is available with a rectangular or cube-style tank, and it features a cabinet with a single door. The Juwel Rio aquarium comes with a rectangular tank on top of a double-door cabinet, and the larger models also include an open shelf between the cabinet doors for displaying items. The front of the rectangular tank on the Juwel Vision is curved slightly outwards, giving it a different aesthetic appeal from the straight-edged tanks. Its cabinet also has double doors and an open shelf in-between.

All Juwel Aquariums from Complete Aquatics comes with the appropriate accessories to get your aquarium set up and running properly in no time, including a pump, filter system, filter media, waterproof lighting, and adjustable heater.

If you have any questions regarding our Juwel Rio, VisionLidoTrigon, and Rekord aquariums please contact our team today.