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Fluval Aquariums

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Fluval Aquariums

Developed and manufactured by Hagen, the Fluval brand is one of the most recognised and respected names by aquarium enthusiasts worldwide, and Complete Aquatics is a proud retailer of a wide range of Fluval aquariums and cabinets and other hobby-related products.

Fluval aquariums have been on the market for decades, and they have earned the trust of hobbyists and professionals alike because they are affordable, durable and, perhaps most importantly, innovative. In fact, many of the modern tank features and designs that the industry now takes for granted were first innovated by Hagen Fluval.

We are pleased to stock some of the most popular aquariums by this manufacturer, including Roma, Edge, Flex, Shaker and Siena aquariums.

Size and Style Diversity
A key component of Fluval's success is recognizing that all fish-hobbyists are unique and creating a diverse product line that satisfies that wide range of tastes, budgets and skill levels. Fluval offers aquarium kits, standalone aquariums and aquarium-cabinet combinations.

Fluval aquariums range from as small as five gallons all the way up to any custom size imaginable. The standard Fluval aquariums and cabinets available at Complete Aquatics typically range from 35 to 260 gallons. Popular small tank options include 35, 40 and 60 gallons. Mid-sizes include 90 and 125, and the most popular large sizes are 180, 190, 200, as well as the Fluval Roma 240 aquarium and the 260 option.

Fluval makes every aquarium using polished-edge glass, and then seals it with black silicone. The fish tanks are usually available in either of two styles: rectangular and bow-fronted. Rectangular Fluval aquariums and cabinets use a traditional design and provide a sleek yet classic look. Bow-fronted fish tanks, on the other hand, require more space but reward that sacrifice with an aggressive style that blends well with modern decor.

Solid, Elegant Stands
An advantage to purchasing a Fluval stand is that the company manufactures them specifically for each tank in the product line. In other words, it is simple to find an elegant stand that is the perfect fit, both in size and style, for the hobbyist's tank of choice. In addition to the perfect fit, cost-savings are a great benefit to purchasing a tank-cabinet pairing.

The two most popular finishes stocked at Complete Aquatics are black and oak. These fish tanks are available with and without black trim, and combinations are available that emphasise both contrast and similarity, such as black-trimmed tanks on black stands and black-trimmed tanks on oak stands.

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View our Fluval aquariums, fish tanks and cabinets above and buy online today, including the popular Fluval Roma 240, EVO, Venezia, Vicenza, Flex and Edge ranges. Free UK mainland delivery on order over £50.00.