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Aquarium Lighting

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Aquarium Lighting

Shop aquarium lighting to illuminate your aquarium at Complete Aquatics. With a large range of the best buys in aquarium brands, Complete Aquatics have got the ideal aquarium LED lighting for you!

Aquarium LED lighting is an important aspect of the aesthetics of the aquarium as well as providing the essential function of manual brightness adjustment, with the fish keeper in control of how bright the tank is kept to minimise algae growth etcetera. Another benefit of aquarium lights are that they can be set on a timer, for instance 8 hours a day with the lighting on, again to minimise algae growth which can be harmful to the ecosystem of the tank.

Complete Aquatics have a great range of aquarium lighting, with many popular brands featuring in our collection including Aquaray, Marina and Fluval. Accessorise your aquarium and light up the tank with all your aquarium decorations and enhance the effects of your quality aquarium decoration with Complete Aquatics.

Aquarium lighting is an important part of the overall effect you will achieve with your aquarium. Browse the Complete Aquatics catalogue of aquarium lights, aquarium LED lighting and more to get a flavour of the type of lighting you are looking for in your aquarium. Make the aquarium the centrepiece of the room in an evening or daytime situation with the correct degree of light positioning to provide a brilliant balance of ambiance and low key appearance. Any aquarium can become a feature with a stylish aquarium lighting composition. Choose from our range of different aquarium lights including aquarium LED lighting and more for smooth compositions and stunning effects for your aquarium. Visit Complete Aquatics for our full catalogue today!

Aquarium Lighting can play as an important role of the life support of any aquarium as much as the feeding or water quality. It is now available in many different forms although the most common is of course the standard aquarium fluorescent bulb with starter. These are sometimes built into the aquarium hood or added as a separate item with separate aquarium light starter unit. Aquarium fluorescent bulbs are available as either T8 or T5. T5 is much higher output and powerful source of fish tank lighting and most kit aquariums now come with T5 lighting as standard due to the excellent benefits higher output lighting brings not only to reef and planted tanks but to standard fish aquariums too due to the brighter natural fish colours the stronger lighting produce. Fluorescent tubes for aquariums are available in range of different colours and spectrums to suit the particular aquarium set-up.

The latest range of aquarium lighting has to be High Output LED lighting which has really caused a stir in aquatics. LED lighting such as the Aquaray AquaBeam or AquaRay Tiles produce a very high amount of lighting without producing hardly any heat or using too much electricity and a common problem found with Metal Halide lighting. Furthermore, Aquarium LED lighting also produces the much sought after Shimmer like effect on the aquarium if the surface is disturbed and look amazing in any reef type aquarium environment. The Aquaray lighting range come with its own MMS Modular mounting system which allows you to choose and piece together a system to hang the lighting over the aquarium. Or you can simply choose to bolt the lighting to the underside of the aquarium hood / canopy.

If you are adding a light unit to an existing aquarium or piecing together your own aquarium set-up and have decided on using normal fish tank fluorescent tubes then Overtank Luminaires especially from Arcadia are a very cost effective, neat, tidy and smart way of illuminating your aquarium. With built in reflectors, no messy controllers and wires everywhere and the OT2 range of Over tank Luminaire means lighting your tank has never been so easy. Arcadia produce the Overtank luminaires in the most popular OT2 T5 range, T8 type overtank luminaires or for a very cost effective range the Classica type of Luminaire.