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Aquarium Filters And Media

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Aquarium Filters

Aquarium filters are basically available as two sorts – external filters and internal filters. Both of which carry their own advantages but where space allows, an external filter is always the better choice due to the high capacity of filter media and usually higher turnover of the fish tank water.

When choosing an aquarium filter you must always buy one which is rated for your size of aquarium. An easy calculation to use when trying to work out the volume of your aquarium is LxWxH in CM then divide this number by 1000 which will give you your fish tank volume in litres which you can then match up to the aquarium filter.

Remember, its too easy to under filter and aquarium but difficult to over filter an aquarium. Its always better going for the higher rated aquarium filter than a fish tank filter either just big enough to cope or too small.

Not using the correct size filter will only result in poor water quality, stressed fish and problems with your aquarium.

The New Fluval G Filters have taken the industry by storm and caused much interest due to the ground breaking technology and ease of use. Gone of the days of the clunky hard to use external filters with the arrival of the sleek and silent Fluval G filters. Easy to set up and prime using a one button primer button the Fluval G filter makes keeping and maintaining fish tanks simple. All filter media is available for the Fluval G such as prefilters, phosphate removers and carbon.

Internal Aquarium Filters

Internal Filters are as the name implies filters which are housed inside the aquarium which circulate water inside the tank whilst pushing water through the unit which contains filter sponges, carbon and other media such as phosphate removers or bio – media. Internal Fish tank filters are normally associated with Internal aquarium filters up to around 200 litres. Although there are some much more substantial filters available such as the Juwel Internal filter system which come as standard with all Juwel tanks. These are rated for much larger aquariums up to 400 litres +.

We only stock the better filters available from Tetratec, Interpet and Fluval. Models include the Tetratec IN300, IN400, IN600, IN800 and the IN1000. The Fluval U Filters - Fluval U1, U2, U3 and the largest Fluval U4. The Interpet filters – Interpet PF mini, PF1, PF2, PF3 and Interpet PF4 external filters are much larger units which are housed below the aquarium inside the aquarium cabinet and carry the water from the tank and pump filtered aquarium water back into the fish tank. The unit includes a pump to move the water around.

External Filters

External aquarium filters mean you can have much more filter media and can cope with larger aquariums up to 1000 litres +! There are some excellent manufacturers of external filters and we only stock the best from Hagen i.e. Fluval External filters such as the Fluval 105, 205, 305, 405 and the new Fluval FX5. Tetratec filters are also of a high standard with sizes EX700, EX600 and the larger EX1200 although there is a huge EX2400 available now.

The main filter media used in any aquarium filters are plain sponges of different grades which are changed periodically and usually of different grades. Prefilter media such as Poly wool or pads and other pre filter media are designed to trap the main debris and should be washed and changed regularly. Remember NEVER wash your filter media under a tap – only in the dirty aquarium water usually taken out during maintenance. Other important media include Carbon which is designed to remove toxins and discolouration from the water. If you find your tank water starts looking a little yellow and stained then carbon will clear this problem right up.
Phosphate removers are essential in marine tanks as phosphates are a big cause of algae problems but also in freshwater tanks too.

Choose from leading brands including Aqua One, Eheim, Fluval, Juwel, Tetra, Red Sea, and more with free UK delivery on all orders over £50.00.

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