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Complete Aquatics is an online superstore, specialising in marine aquariums, tropical aquariums and fish tanks, as well as a wide range of aquarium supplies, ranging from lighting, pumps and filters.

Some of our most popular aquarium products include Red Sea Reefer, Red Sea Reefer Nano, Red Sea Max-S LED, Red Sea MAX-E, Fluval, Fluval Edge, Fluval FLEX, Juwel Rio, Juwel Lido, Biorb, Eheim, Oase Highline, Fluval Roma and Biorb Cube aquariums. However, if you can’t find the product that you are looking for then simply get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help.

Although our prices are extremely competitive, we run regular online special offers, so you can regularly grab yourself a fantastic bargain. When you also add free delivery in the UK, with orders over £50, why would you shop anywhere else for your aquarium equipment needs?

As well as offering a wide range of tropical and marine aquarium supplies, we also offer a wide range of pond supplies, equipment and accessories, as well as reptile supplies. Some of our most popular products in these ranges include:

Vitalis Fish Foods | V2iLumenAir LED Lights | Ecotech Radion LED Lighting | Exo Terra Terrariums | Red Sea Coral Pro Salt | Juwel Tropical Aquariums | Red Sea MAX-S LED | Red Sea MAX-E Series | AI Hydra 26 LED | Juwel Lido Aquariums | | AI Freshwater Prime | Fluval Flex | Fluval Roma | Fluval Venezia

We are now pleased to offer a fantastic range of Arcadia T5 LED tubes. This is a more efficient replacement for the traditional T5 fluorescent light tubes, providing almost twice the power output for a third of the electric!

Please contact our friendly team if you require any assistance in choosing the right marine aquariums and tropical aquariums to buy, as well as any of our other fantastic aquarium supplies and equipment, including the extremely popular Red Sea Reefer, Fluval Edge and Exo Terra terrariums range.